Your accreditation is personal and holds a photo. Access to the different zones are given according to the function of the person accredited and the rights agreement you have.
Accreditation Process
IMPORTANT: The accreditation for the 24H Le Mans (including the Test Day) is done through a specific website. Shortly after you have given us Full name + email address of the person / team leader doing the accreditations for your team, this person will directly receive an access + password.

On the accreditation website you will find the necessary information to guide you through the accreditation process.
Please note:
— The accreditation is personal, and carries a photo. The photo is uploaded directly to the accreditation web site and should not exceed 120Ko.
— The company name you enter for your team, is the name that will appear on the accreditation. In addition to the company name the following is compulsory: Full Name + DOB + Where the person was born.
Each accreditation is linked to a function, for each function the ACO have determined the Zones you need to work (for information on the different zones see PDF below).
— If you consider that a person in particular needs access to an additional Zone, you may ask for this and motivate you request.
We will than get back to you to confirm or refute your request.
DAY PASS = Only if you come 1 DAY!
For those of you who attend both the Test Day and the Race Week, the accreditation is valid for both events.
For those who attend only the Test Day there's a specific accreditation.
— If some of your staff working at the event were present at earlier editions, there's no need to re enter their information.
You just need to activate the ID.
— If you wish to accredit a crew to film the Drivers' Parade in Town you need an additional accreditation (
See Drivers' Parade paragraph).
Deadline REQUEST
Accreditation request Deadline
Accreditation Pick-up:
Accreditations must be picked-up at Stade Marie Marvingt Accreditation Center before entering the circuit.

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Accreditation & Pickup
Info Zones
Scrutineering in town
Friday JUNE 7 & Saturday JUNE 8
In addition to having marked PES on your accreditation, you will need a special tabard to work at the scrutineering. The tabard should be picked-up directly in town at the CCI (Chambre de Commerce et de l’Industrie) Place de la République, situated by the scrutineering, at the ACO TV desk.
June 7
0:00 — 00:00
June 8
0:00 — 00:00

For access and plan see PDF below.
Access & Plan
All SADs (Supplementary Accreditation Device) are given to you at the ACO TV Booking/Information Office on the TV Compound.

What you are entitled to in terms of tabards, camera stickers, etc., is defined by the rights agreement concluded with Infront media, and by the services you have booked.
Cameras & RF Deliveries
Authorized cameras should have the sticker delivered by the ACO booking/information office on site, clearly visible.

RF cameras as well as any radiobroadcasting device using RF frequencies (RF microphones, walkie-talkies) must hold ANFR authorisation. ANFR staff will be on site and work in close collaboration with ACO and all broadcasters.
IMPORTANT: Frequencies should be booked directly with ANFR.
For more details see: Frequencies Contacts
The Parade in town is not organised by the ACO, and you need a specific accreditation. If you wish to accredit a crew to film the Parade, please send the following information:
- Broadcaster / Production company
- Name & function of person(s) you wish to accredit
to Lotta by email:
IMPORTANT: We have a limited number of accreditations, only people actively working will get a pass, there is very little space on the road where the cars drive through... These accreditations must be picked-up directly at the ACO TV Office on the TV Compound from Wednesday 12 and onwards.