On Site Services
& Facilities
The ACO TV Rate Card includes all facilities the ACO can provide on-site. Prices are in Euro (excl. VAT).

Please find the Rate Card for 2024 in the PDF below.
Rate Card
Please fill in the excel file below, with all relevant contact & invoicing details. To confirm your bookings the Rate Card Agreement must include a valid signature and all requested details. Please send the form duly completed to ACO TV by email: bookingtv.lemans@gmail.com
After this deadline, services will be confirmed on a first come – first served basis, after checking availability and feasibility.
Booking Form
The fees corresponding to your booking, as stated in the Rate Card, will be invoiced to you directly by the ACO.
Payment is due on reception of your invoice.
IMPORTANT: Please note that all confirmed bookings are binding, cancellation is not accepted and there is no refund. Any changes to your initial order are subject to availability.
Commentary positions are located in Porta Cabins on the TV Compound. They are granted by ACO in accordance with your booking. Technical assistance is provided during your set up and throughout the race.

The commentary positions are available during the race, from Saturday to Sunday.
IMPORTANT: You may book an extension for Wednesday and Thursday for the qualifiers.
The ISDN and telephone lines you require at your commentary position should be ordered directly with: Le Mans Telecom

For more details see: Telecom
You can book a 20-mn live unilateral stand-up position before, during and after the race; a 20-mn live unilateral with an RF camera pitlane or paddock; or a live post-race flash interview position (equipped or non-equipped) for 60-second maximum interviews with team managers or drivers in the "parc fermé" below the podium.

As previous years, there is also one stand-up position overlooking the track and the pitlane on offer. All these unilateral services are available in HD and will come with the satellite space - 20 minutes slot.
IMPORTANT: Each begun 20' slot is due.
Cabling to unilateral positions within the venue is the responsibility of the RHs under the supervision of Visual/AMP who manage the technical set-up.Installation and dismantling must be done in compliance with ACO TV's instructions.
All cabling outside the TV Compound must be finalized by 18:00. If this timing does not fit with your schedule, please contact us and we will organize this via our production supplier.
Unilateral production
Any TV rights licensees who wish to install their own equipment must provide ACO with a detailed production plan (number of cameras, camera positions, vehicles size, schedule) for approval.
TV Compound
Broadcast compound space is available for DSNG, OB Vans and support vehicles. Access for vehicles is subject to availability and timing. The TV Compound is the only area within the venue perimeter where RHs can park OB Vans and other technical vehicles.

In order to organise your arrival, please give us your team's exact arrival schedule (date and time).

Production vans, support vehicles, satellite trucks, service vehicles, porta-cabins have specific parking attributions as defined by ACO TV. Any change is subject to ACO TV approval.

Installation and dismantling must be made in compliance with ACO TV's instructions.

The TV Compound is a pedestrian zone, and the circulation of vehicles in the TV compound is prohibited, save for scheduled loading and unloading operations. The area is entirely closed and secured day and night.
AVAILABLE at the TV Compound
The power generator will operate according to a given schedule (check at the Production desk). Please organise your work schedule in consequence, and remember the power cuts will occur according to schedule. The Production cannot be held responsible for any problem or damage during the power cut. If you wish to use the generator outside the given schedules, an hourly rate card will be implemented.

Please note that the technical power is provided by a twin-power generator, and is dedicated to technical broadcasting equipment. Please use the domestic power for all other domestic usages.
FOR SECURITY: Private generators are strictly prohibited.
Technical Power is available as follows:
June 10
9:00 — 21:00
June 11
9:00 — 21:00
June 12
8:00 — 01:00  (Thursday)
June 13
8:00 — 00:00
June 14
8:00 — 22:00
Week end
June 15/16
7:00 — non stop — 22:00
Porta cabins
AVAILABLE at the TV Compound
The porta cabins you can book come as singles or doubles.

The porta cabins are available from Friday June 7 to Monday June 17. They come with domestic power 32A single phase for basic office use.
NOTE: Furniture and accessories should be booked separately. For more details see list of contacts.
AVAILABLE at the TV Compound
Individual working spaces are available to book, they are located inside the TV Compound.
AVAILABLE at the TV Compound
If you come with your own unilateral production you will access the feeds from AMP/VISUAL MCR as per your booking.
NOTE: AMP/VISUAL MCR will not deliver any feeds without prior approval from the on-site booking manager.
AMP/Visual is not responsible for bringing the feed to your OB VAN or Porta cabin, you have to come to their MCR to collect the feeds you need.
Via Suppliers appointed by the ACO
For your different telecom needs (analogue lines, ISDN, internet, etc.), please find the offer in the document below, and send any technical inquiries you might have, as well as your booking to: telecom@lemans.org
IMPORTANT: Please make your booking at the latest a week prior to your arrival. Please send a copy of your booking to bookingtvlemans@gmail.com
Caroline Bévillon
Telecom Information
+33 2 43 40 25 00
GB Telecom Services & Prices
The company Belinois Reception is located just by the circuit. On their website (only in french) you can find information on the material available for rental.
IMPORTANT: Please send a copy of your booking to bookingtvlemans@gmail.com
Laure Blanchard
Belinois Reception
+33 6 58 56 48 70
+33 2 43 86 80 53
ANFR (Agence Nationale des Fréquences) is in charge of all the temporary frequency requests.
IMPORTANT: It is compulsory to go via ANFR to book your frequency, you cannot use your own frequency.
Applicants for temporary frequencies must complete the downloadable application form below and return it in the original excel format to: tempo@anfr.fr
IMPORTANT: Please send a copy of your RF booking to: bookingtv.lemans@gmail.com
Application Form